Swetlana Schuster

DPhil Student
A photograph of Swetlana Schuster


I am currently a DPhil student studying within the Language & Brain laboratory.

Before this, I completed an MPhil at the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics here at Oxford.

For my MPhil thesis I looked into speakers’ sensitivity to morphological complexity, especially with regard to processing routes that proceed independently of stored representations and declarative memory.



In my DPhil research, I hope to be able to find out more about how our brain deals with morphologically complex words and which mechanisms underlie morphological processing.


Recent presentations and publications:

Schuster, S. and Lahiri, A. (2016) Morphological decomposition through lexical gaps: Experimental evidence for morphological rules in the mind. Proceedings of the 52nd Annual Chicago Linguistics Society.

Schuster, S. and Lahiri, A. (2016) Hidden Morphology: Processing and decomposition of German complex nouns. Talk given at the Berkeley Germanic Linguistics Roundtable 2016.