Cong Zhang

DPhil Student
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I started my DPhil study in 2013. My DPhil thesis is about the tunes of Tianjin Mandarin and how to plan tunes before production. My supervisor is Professor Aditi Lahiri.

I received my Master's degree in Linguistics and Language Acquisition from Newcastle University (UK). There, I worked on a number of projects including child language acquisition, second language acquisition, Mandarin lexical tone perception, etc. 



For my undergraduate degree, I studied Translation and Interpreting at Beijing Foreign Studies University (China). Although my current research is in a totally different field, I still take on literary translations every now and then as a hobby.

Apart from my DPhil studies, I am also doing work on L2 Mandarin fluency with Dr. Clare Wright from the University of Reading. We have presented the results in several conferences and talks. Some of our early-stage results can also be found in our 2014 paper and the 2015 conference proceeding below.



- Biggs, A., Li, M., Wang, A., & Zhang, C. (Eds.) . (2015). Second Asian and European Linguistic Conference Proceedings (Newcastle and Northumbria Working Papers in Linguistics). 21(1).

- Wright, C., & Zhang, C. (2015). The Effect of Study Abroad Experience on L2 Mandarin Disfluency in Different Types of Tasks. In R. Lickley (Ed.), Proceeding of The Disfluency in Spontaneous Speech (DISS 2015) ICPhS Satelite Meeting. Edinburgh, UK. 

- Wright, C. and Zhang, C. 2014. Effects of a Year Abroad on L2 Chinese. Newcastle Working Papers in Linguistics. 20:67. 

- Zhang, C. 2014. The effect of immediate feedback on the perception of Mandarin lexical tones by non-native speakers of Mandarin. St. Anne’s Annual Reivew 5, 106-125.


Praat Scripts:

Praat script - Point tier for F0 max & min.praat (6.49 KB)
Praat script - duration and f0 collection (by tier name).praat (4.94 KB)
Praat script - duration and f0 collection (by tier number).praat (4.27 KB)
Praat script - save small sounds from long sound - name by file name.praat.praat (5.17 KB)
Praat script - draw f0 and all.praat (8.11 KB)


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