Cong Zhang

DPhil Student
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I am a DPhil student at the Language and Brain Lab. My DPhil thesis, supervised by Professor Aditi Lahiri, is about the intonational tunes in a tonal language -- Tianjin Mandarin.

I have presented parts of my work in various conferences and received awards for my presentations.

I received my Master's degree in Linguistics and Language Acquisition from Newcastle University (UK). There, I worked on a number of projects including child language acquisition, second language acquisition, Mandarin lexical tone perception, etc. 

For my undergraduate degree, I studied Translation and Interpreting at Beijing Foreign Studies University (China). Although my current research is in a totally different field, I still take on literary translations every now and then as a hobby.

My research interests are laboratory phonology, psycholinguistics, and language acquisition. Or anything that involves an element of prosody (lexical tones, intonation, stress, rhythm, etc.)




Praat Scripts:

I have written many Praat scripts to help with my data processing. Some of them have been commented and uploaded. [Here]


Praat script - Point tier for F0 max & min.praat (6.49 KB)
Praat script - duration and f0 collection (by tier name).praat (4.94 KB)
Praat script - duration and f0 collection (by tier number).praat (4.27 KB)
Praat script - save small sounds from long sound - name by file name.praat.praat (5.17 KB)
Praat script - draw f0 and all.praat (8.11 KB)

More can be found in my github repository.


For more information about me, please visit my personal website:

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