Anna Sapuntsova

DPhil Student
A photograph of Anna Sapuntsova


I am a current DPhil student looking into phonological vs syntactic phrasing in Modern Russian.

My aim is to describe the rules governing phonological structure of Russian in a way that ties them to the underlying trochaic metre and helps place Russian in the wider cross-linguistic context.

I am also testing previous psycholinguistic findings on speech planning on Russian data, which has not been done before, and looking how they apply to a language with pro- and enclitics that can be zero to two syllables long on the surface.

I have a BA from Moscow State University in Russian and an MPhil in Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics from Oxford.

Before joining the Language and Brain Lab in Oxford, I used to be an intern at the Brain and Language Lab (now the Center for Brain and Language) at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow which, at that time, focused on working with patients with aphasia and running TMS studies with healthy participants.

I have additional training in palaeography, Slavic, and in particular, Russian dialectology, Old Church Slavonic and Medieval Russian.