Ana Werkmann Horvat

DPhil Student
A photograph of Ana Werkmann Horvat


My research interests are in semantics, pragmatics and psycholinguistics, and my thesis research is on (Croatian) modality.

I am especially interested in the relationship between different modal elements, such as the relationship between conditional mood and modal verbs, and double modal constructions.

Apart from the semantic and pragmatic aspects of modal elements, I'm also interested in the way we process and acquire modal structures. Also, I'm involved in a side project on indexicals that explores how English kids acquire indexical pronouns.




Recent publications:


Recent presentations:

  • Werkmann Horvat, A. (2016). On Deontic Modality and Authority in Croatian: A Judge Parameter Analysis. Talk given at 12th International Conference on Actionality, Tense, Aspect, Modality/ Evidentiality, Université Caen Normandie, Caen.
  • Werkmann-Horvat, A., On Modal Strength in Croation: A Judge Parameter Analysis. Presented at the FDSL 11 in Potsdam, Germany, December 2015.
  • Werkmann-Horvat, A., Gagliardi, A., and Husband, E.M. (2015) Indexicals in shifty contexts: Problems for language acquisition. Talk given at the 40th Boston University Conference on Language Development, Boston, MA.