TIE Conference Series on Tone and Intonation in Europe


After the TIE Conference on Tone and Intonation in Santorini (9-11 September 2004), it was widely felt that the momentum created by the TIE series of scientific meetings funded by the European Science Foundation should be preserved by instigating a biannual conference on the topic of tone and intonation, to be organized around the same time in every even year, somewhere in Europe. The general theme of these conferences is the phonology and phonetics of word and sentence prosody in the languages of the world. In this series, the Santorini conference was retrospectively the first.


The Standing Committee at TIE 7 will be formed by the organizer of that conference, Amalia Arvaniti, as well as the organizers of the previous two conferences, Aoju Chen & Yiya Chen, Aditi Lahiri & Allison Wetterlin. The Standing Committee's main task is to recruit the organizers of the next conference and announce its venue. Subsequently, the new organizers take the place of the longest-serving members. 



2004       Santorini, 9-11 September:  International Conference on Tone and Intonation

2006       ZAS, Berlin, 7-9 September: Second TIE Conference on the Typology of Tone and Intonation 

2008       Lisbon, 15-17 September: Third TIE Conference on Tone and Intonation 

2010       Stockholm, 9-11 September:  Fourth European Conference on Tone and Intonation

2012        Oxford, 6-8 September:  Fifth European Conference on Tone and Intonation

2014        Utrecht, 10-12 September:  Sixth European Conference on Tone and Intonation