Sandra Kotzor

Postdoctoral Researcher
A photograph of Sandra Kotzor


I am a Postdoctoral Researcher working on the MORPHON project in the Language and Brain Laboratory here at Oxford.

Within the project, I am mainly responsible for the work on English and German as well as the design, execution and analysis of neurolinguistic and behavioural experiments.

Another area of research I am currently involved in is bilingual lexical representation and processing, with a particular focus on the differences between simultaneous and sequential adult bilinguals.





Current & future research areas:

  • Morphological aspects of speech processing and lexical representation
  • Work on differences in degree of integration and control in the mental lexicon of early and late bilinguals using behavioural and EEG methodology
  • Psycholinguistic exploration of derivational morphological processes based on my doctoral work on antonymy


Selected presentations and publications:

Lahiri, A. & Kotzor, S. (eds) (2017). The Speech Processing Lexicon: Neurocognitive and behavioural approaches. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Kotzor, S., Molineaux, B.J., Banks, E. & Lahiri, A. (2016). ‘Fake’ gemination in suffixed words and compounds in English and German. Journal of the Acoustic Society of America 140(1), 1-12.

Kotzor, S., Roberts, A.C., Wetterlin, A., & Lahiri, A. (2015). Perception and representation of Bengali nasal vowels. Proceedings of ICPhS 2015.

Roberts, A. C., Kotzor, S., Wetterlin, A., & Lahiri, A. (2014). Asymmetric processing of durational differences – electrophysiological investigations in Bengali. Neuropsychologia 58, 88-98.