Ballari Ray Chaudhury

Lecturer in Bengali, Gokhale Memorial Girls' College, Kolkata
A photograph of Ballari Chaudhury


Dr. Ballari  Ray  Chaudhury (Assistant Professor at the department of Bengali Language and Literature, Gokhale Memorial Girls’ College) has been associated with a research project with Professor Aditi Lahiri and Dr Stephen Parkinson since 2012.

She has visited the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics at Oxford University on a number of occasions to pursue her research.

Her research interests focus around early Bengali poetry and the changing patterns of stylistics, word-patterns and literary forms of varied expressions.



She herself is a poet and would like to experiment on different structures of gender narratives in Bengali poems. Her first published book, entitled ’Bhindeshi Paakhi(meaning "a bird of a foreign land"), with three later publications, enjoyed a wide circle of readership.

More recently she received the coveted ‘Krittibas Puraskar’ for her book ‘Bihaan Raater Bandish(meaning "song of the dawn").