Lexical Processing

In the WORDS project we employed psycholinguistic research methods as well as electrophysiological studies to investigate the phonological representation of words in the adult mental lexicon. It included the following components:

The representation of features in the mental lexicon:

•    Behavioural and ERP studies on the specification of place of articulation word medially in British English (semantic priming). 

The representation and processing of durational contrasts:

•    Behavioural and ERP studies of consonant duration in Bengali (using both fragment form priming and semantic priming).
•    MMN study of consonant duration in Bengali.
•    Comparative MMN study of vowel duration in Bengali and English.

The representation of word accent in the mental lexicon:

•    Behavioural on word accent in Trondheim Norwegian (using both form and semantic priming).
•    MMN study of the lexical specification of word accent in Norwegian.